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Operator Benefits

For onshore pipelines in any terrain

MASiP (Mobile Automated Spiral Intelligent Pipe), uses a lighter and more flexible pipe structure including embedded optical fibre, with automated mobile manufacturing to produce and install continuous pipe directly into a trench. This delivers a digital pipeline system with a built-in capability to self-monitor its health condition and protect itself from unintentional intrusions or malicious attacks. The key potential benefits that MASiP technology offers are:

  • 50% Faster, simpler, safer construction with built in quality control
  • 70% reduction in carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • Polymer liner that can be optimised for fluid compatibility
  • Built in, cost effective real -time monitoring of operational parameters and event alert system.
  • Integrated digital pipeline integrity management and surveillance system

The flow chart above highlights the key integrity threats to conventional pipelines that operators are challenged with. MASiP Pipe System offers a holistic integrated digital pipeline integrity management and real time surveillance solution.

Multiple scenarios have been studied in detail independently (by Wood Group plc) to evidence these claims. These include:

  1. Desert flowlines for sour crude oil in Egypt
  2. Cross country transmission line for dry gas in UK
  3. High temperature wet gas Middle East 8” pipeline

The resulting numbers below refer to the Gas Transmission Pipeline Study of a pipeline installed in 2010 and was performed in co-operation with National Grid.


Pipeline Operators interested to discuss specific application requirements or raise project feasibility queries are invited to contact SPS with a brief description.

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