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Pipe Technology

Flexible automated pipe manufacture in the field

Mobile Automated Spiral Interlocking Pipe (MASIP) is produced with mobile pipe making equipment in such a way that pipe can be directly laid into a trench or on supports from the pipe making machine. This offers huge logistical advantages over the current approach.


Our technology enables the fluid containment of a pipe to be separately optimised from its mechanical strength. The liner material is chosen for optimum fluid compatibility. A fluid containing liner material is chosen for optimum fluid resistance. Depending on the fluid this liner may be low cost High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or a thin layer of Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA). The line pipe will be formed in the field in a liner module.

High strength steel strip is formed and wound around the line pipe to provide mechanical strength.

An outer coating of corrosion resistant polymer is applied in the field with a dedicated module. The materials are designed to be proven for at least 40 years' life.

multiple layers helipipe

Finally, an integrity monitoring system is applied to provide information in real-time at every location along the pipe. This is designed to replace the need for intelligent pigging to provide pipe integrity information.

gas pipe
New pipelines

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