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Pipeline Construction

The MASiP approach to pipeline construction is to combine in-field fabrication of the pipe with digital quality control and automated pipe laying.

The speed of pipe fabrication allows about 1km of pipe to be produced and laid per day.

The MASiP technology is a low carbon solution for pipeline construction with some key features:

  1. Manufacture on-site: -eliminating the need to transport large pipe sections, reducing cost, emissions and environmental impact of transportation.
  2. Continuous manufacturing: – eliminates the need for girth welds, reducing hydrogen embrittlement risk and reducing emissions associated with welding.
  3. High-strength steel: The use of high-strength steel enhances the pipe strength to weight ratio and improves flexibility, installation logistics and resilience,

The MASiP solution offers a low carbon alternative to traditional pipeline construction methods.


Orcaflex modelling is utilized to accurately determine installation stresses and strains for each stage of the pipeline installation process.

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