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Sensitive Section Replacements

Pipelines are high value assets which requires regular monitoring and maintenance to keep them operating safely. Nevertheless, pipe section repairs and replacement in sensitive areas often consume significant portion of the maintenance budgets.

The level of sensitivity is often based on ecological, engineering, geotechnical, regulatory and access constraint considerations of the section to be replaced. Replacing a damaged section of pipeline in a sensitive area is a form of repair that involves significant resources, equipment, and specialist crews like pipeline construction.

The flexible and light weight structure of MASiP Pipe System with minimal infield welding requirements, offers a cost-effective solution to various sensitive pipeline replacement applications, with the unique added value of enabling a holistic real time monitoring capability.

  • Pipeline casing used for road and rail crossings
  • HDD or bored tunnel crossings
  • River or ground watercourse crossings
  • Environment conservation and protected zones
  • Remote or difficult to access sections
  • Sections with engineering and regulatory constraints
  • Sections crossing geotechnically unstable ground or seismic fault lines

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