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Advanced Engineering Methodology

Advanced Engineering Methodology

Full 3D Finite Element Models have been built and more than 50 cases run to fully characterize the detailed behavior of the pipe structure to an element resolution of 1mm. This includes characterization of the steel interlock, axial, radial, bending, pressure cycling, hydrogen gas permeation, end fittings and liner pipe behaviour. 3D models are fully non-linear.

2D modelling of long pipe lengths uses results from the detailed and verified characterizations of short pipe lengths 1-3m in scale to determine the appropriate linear parameters needed for 2D modelling using in standard pipe modelling software used by pipeline engineers. 2D models have been run for pipe laying and for longer buried and unburied pipe lengths of up to 5km.

Using these methods there is a full design methodology available for MASiP for any length of pipe.

A Design Guide has been developed which is available on request by pipeline operators – which enables pipeline operators to use standard analysis tools to design with the MASiP pipeline system.

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