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MASiP: Pipe Designed for Intelligent Integrity Monitoring

Is current pipeline construction technology sustainable?

Pipe sections are typically formed in a pipemill, coated elsewhere, shipped to pipe dumps and welded together in a labour intensive construction process.

MASiP: Continuous Mobile Infield Pipe Production

Our patented spiral wound pipe enables continuous pipeline manufacture and installation in one operation.

MASiP: Mobile Automated Spiral Intelligent Pipe – A technology breakthrough for the Hydrogen Era

SPS innovative MASiP pipeline system is a low carbon solution to the challenge of creating a net zero onshore pipeline network. Designed and tested with 100% high pressure hydrogen gas. MASIP can also be used with other fluids such as CO2, water oil and natural gas. MASiP combines automated continuous infield pipe manufacture with direct installation of flexible pipe. Digital monitoring with embedded optical fibre feeds into a fatigue life algorithm for data interpretation enables pipe condition assessments in real time. SPS field trials are under way at our own trial site in North Yorkshire.


  • Technology

    MASiP: A patented pipe technology designed for continuous infield production, installation, and intelligent integrity monitoring.

  • Cost Benefit

    Potential to halve both the total installed cost and environmental impact of pipeline construction.

  • Critical Friends

    A group of pipeline operators have agreed to act as critical friends to this technology.

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