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Corrosive or Sour Service

Corrosion is a primary factor affecting the longevity and reliability of buried pipelines. Conventional pipelines suffer from a number of internal and external corrosion forms, some more common than others. They range from pitting corrosion, uniform corrosion, galvanic corrosion, crevice corrosion and microbiologically influenced corrosion to name a few. MASiP Pipe System is protected both internally (HDPE or PVDF liner depending on requirements) and externally (two-layer corrosion coating) making it a fit for purpose solution equally for highly corrosive environments, sour service and seawater injection pipelines.

Inner Liner for Corrosive Fluids

An inner liner will contain the fluid transported by the pipeline and provide internal resistance to corrosion and erosion, protecting the reinforcing layers. The choice of liner may be customised depending on the required fluid service. A key benefit of our technology is that the fluid containment layer can be optimised for the chemical nature and temperature of the fluid to be transported, without having to compromise on the mechanical pressure resistance of the pipe structure as the strength is provided through the patented ribbed high strength steel winding.

MASiP Pipe System offers a unique solution by mitigating the risks of internal and external corrosion threats and doubles up on protection with the built-in real time monitoring system, which provides early warning signs in case the integrity of the inner polymer liner or external coating is compromised.


The above schematic shows the inner liner and the external two layer environmental coating.

Two-Layer Environmental Coating

A two-layer coating system that has already had extensive field service and proven performance track record in aggressive environments has been trialled using an automated tape winding system with built-in quality control. The exceptional properties of this coating is based on the adhesion between the 2 layers and the steel winding structure, making this coating suitable for all classes of soil, rendering extensive soil tests unnecessary. In addition to coating, cathodic protection can be used to further protect against corrosion damage. In addition CP protection will be provided

Picture below shows validation results from simulated coating damage trials and the real time monitoring capability of MASiP Pipe System.


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