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Pipe Laying

Our pipe structure is intrinsically more flexible than conventional pipe, simplifying pipe laying and terrain following

There is a need for bends in every pipeline to accommodate gradual or abrupt directional changes. Conventional pipelines use three types of bend:

  • Elastic bends – where the pipe is allowed to bend elastically and elastic stresses remain in the pipeline
  • Cold bends where the pipe is bent plastically in the field using a bending machine - usually to a radius of 40D and angle <15 degrees
  • Hot induction bends where the pipe is heated and bent to a radius of 5D and angle <90 degrees

Finite element analysis of specific designs of 12-inch diameter pipe have shown that the SPS pipe system has sufficient inherent flexibility to lay pipe directly into the trench and follow terrain without the need for cold bends.  

  • The elastic limit is typically 100D when it would be 300D for conventional pipe
  • If 1% local plastic strains are allowed, then 40D bends can be accommodated as part of the normal lay process without the need for a bending machine

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