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Potential advantages for crossings

Most pipelines are required to cross obstructions such as rivers, roads, railways, pipeline, cables or other obstructions. Pipeline crossing techniques depend on the type of crossing, soil conditions, location, preferred crossing methods and topography.

Crossing methods include:


  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Micro tunnel
  • Direct pipe
  • Grundoram
  • Auger bore

Open Cut

An assessment of SPS mobile pipeline system suitability for crossings was carried out by Wood Group Kenny. The conclusion of this work was:

The SPS system will be able to use conventional methods for trenchless and open crossings. There are potential cost advantages for trenchless crossings because the manufacturing process allows continuous lengths of pipe to be constructed. There is also scope for a reduction in the size of HDD rigs as the SPS machine can potentially provide a force to push the pipe during HDD installation.

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