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Resistance to third party interferance

Greater resistance to third party interference

Conventional pipe is intrinsically vulnerable to third party interference due to its homogeneous structure.  Impact from some body such as an excavator bucket may puncture a conventional pipe wall and the internal pressure will create a running and accelerating crack.

Third Party Interference

Our patented interlocking rib technology has intrinsic resistance to running cracks; cracks decelerate due to the ribbed structure, they do not accelerate under internal pressure.

Pipeline with intrinsic resistance to running cracks

National Grid funded a study of the resistance of our MASIP technology to excavator bucket impact. Using EPRG (European Pipeline Research Group) standard study as the reference point, advanced numerical simulations showed two clear results:

  1. Impact energy of 1200J applied via a standard excavator bucket tooth did not puncture MASIP pipe, when it would puncture conventional pipe of the same specification, because MASIP more flexible structure dissipates energy over a wider area, not in a narrow spike.
  2. If there is a puncture, cracks decelerate and do not run beyond the first set of ribs in MASIP – due to crack bifurcation at a rib, i.e. under the same conditions, cracks accelerate without limit unless crack arrestors are introduced.

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