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Reduced Environmental Impact

Fraction of usual environmental impact and carbon footprint

Most of the environmental impact of pipeline construction derives from heavy truck movements to and from the location. For the 40km Wormington-Sapperton pipeline installed by National Grid, it was calculated that there were 1184 significant truck movements to and from site. It is hard to reduce this with conventional technology.

In addition to the local truck movements, there are also environmental impacts of shipping unfinished pipe segments from pipe mill to coating plant, for example.

With our technology, it is estimated that more than 70% of truck movements can be avoided.

Carbon Footprint is much reduced

Transport of unfinished pipe segments is completely avoided because pipelines are made from raw materials in the field where they are to be deployed.

Other environmental benefits flow from:

  • Reduced use of manual welding
  • Reduced timescale for installation
  • Narrower right of way
  • Reduced impact on highways
flat bed truck

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