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Andrew Stevenson at Oman’s New Energy Conference in London

SUSTAINABLE PIPELINE SYSTEMS’ CEO Andrew Stevenson took part in a panel discussion at Oman’s New Energy Conference in London last week. The event brought together industry, government and investors from Oman and the UK for discussions on renewables, decarbonisation and green finance.

Oman seeks to be a major player in solar and wind driven hydrogen delivery and with the Sultanate’s strategic location and access to global trade routes, it is strongly positioned to be an important hub in the production and export of green hydrogen.

Oman’s strategic ‘Hyport Duqm’ project will be one of the world’s largest green production facilities with a 500MW electrolysis capacity on a site of 793,000 square metres. The hydrogen plant will be fed with renewable electricity produced by approximately 1.3GW of combined installed capacity from wind turbines and solar panels on a 150 square kilometre site.

Sustainable Pipeline Systems Ltd (SPS) is developing the next generation of pipeline technology, offering an automated mobile approach to construction with a digitised approach to pipeline integrity monitoring (MASiP). SPS is currently developing a hydrogen pipeline demonstrator as part of the UK Government’s Industrial Fuel Switching Programme. The development of new technology for hydrogen fuel supply lines for industrial infrastructure is crucial to the delivery of sustainable energy supply chains.

Oman New Energy Conference

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